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Workers' Compensation

At Greater Chesapeake Hand to Shoulder, our offices throughout Maryland are designed and equipped for the evaluation and treatment of upper extremity work-related injuries. Our team of board-certified orthopedic surgeons, hand surgeons, and plastic surgeon are highly specialized in surgical and nonsurgical techniques for shoulder, arm, wrist, elbow, and hand injuries that occur on the job.

Our well-respected doctors understand the Maryland workers’ compensation system and take pride in helping injured workers return to the job, as well as communicating promptly with referring case workers, physicians, attorneys, insurance companies, and employers.

The workers’ compensation program at Greater Chesapeake Hand to Shoulder includes:

Maximal Medical Improvement (MMI)

Our highly experienced upper extremity orthopedic surgeons and hand specialists are highly qualified to determine maximum medical improvement (MMI), a point where a condition is stabilized and further recovery is not anticipated in an injured worker's condition.

Maximum medical improvement is used to determine a permanent or partial impairment rating and impacts the benefits a worker receives in a settlement agreement.

Independent Medical Examination (IME)

Greater Chesapeake Hand to Shoulder is a leader in providing solid independent medical examinations (IMEs) to help injured workers return to work as soon as possible. Our board-certified, fellowship-trained upper extremity doctors offer convenient scheduling and timely transcribed reports.

Our upper extremity and hand specialists are at the forefront of research and are associated with the prestigious Raymond Curtis National Hand Center at Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.

Expert Witness

The highly regarded doctors at Greater Chesapeake Hand to Shoulder are board certified and fellowship trained in the full spectrum of shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist, and hand injuries and conditions. Our orthopedic surgeons are experts in plastic surgery and microvascular surgery. Call (410) 296-6232 to arrange expert witness services from Greater Chesapeake Hand to Shoulder.

For a prompt appointment for a job-related injury or to discuss the referral of a workers’ compensation case, call our Maryland workers’ compensation specialists at (410) 296-6232 or request an appointment online at one of our Maryland locations.

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