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Greater Chesapeake Hand to Shoulder in Maryland is making news. Read all about our latest press!

1/31/13 Baltimore surgeon helps reattach arm of injured firefighter

World-class surgeon Dr. James Higgins is a member of Greater Chesapeake Hand Specialists and Chief of the Curtis National Hand Center at Union Memorial. He appeared in the news again after attaching the arm of a fireman who was injured in a traffic accident near the District of Columbia.

Paramedics realize that the CNHC is the place to receive the best care for serious injuries such as an arm amputation. Read the article and listen to the video to hear how important it was that the paramedics knew what to do and that they brought the patient to the CNHC to be operated on by Dr. Higgins.

View a video and read the article about the operation.

1/28/13 Soldier gets double-arm transplant at Johns Hopkins

In December 2012, four physicians of Greater Chesapeake Hand Specialists, P.A. participated as members of the hand transplant team in an amazing double-arm transplant for a soldier who had lost all four limbs in the Iraq War. The surgery was performed at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Drs. Raymond Wittstadt, Sandy McClinton, Jim Higgins, and Chris Forthman worked with the team for months in preparation for the day when the surgery would be possible.

View a video and read the article about the operation.

8/12/11 Beautiful and pain-free: Music is goal of Greater Chesapeake Hand Specialists physician
Dr. Raymond A. Wittstadt, a partner with Greater Chesapeake Hand Specialists, appreciates the art of music like most people, but because of his chosen profession, he also tends to experience musical performances in a different manner than the average person.
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8/9/11 Dr. Keith Segalman reviews the intricacies of endoscopic carpal tunnel release surgery
Dr. Segalman
, an orthopedic surgeon and partner with Greater Chesapeake Hand Specialists, provides an in-depth view into carpal tunnel release surgery, in conjunction with Union Memorial Hospital. The video illustrates new surgical techniques and provides a unique view of hand surgery. Please note, this video contains some graphic material.
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7/22/2011 U.S. News & World Report ranks Union Memorial among the nation's best hospitals and recognizes Dr. Neal Zimmerman of Greater Chesapeake Hand Specialists
Eleven Union Memorial Hospital physicians were identified as among the top one percent nationally in their specialty, including Dr. Neal Zimmerman, a hand surgeon with Greater Chesapeake Hand Specialists.
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6/10/2011 The Daily Record profiles Dr. Michael S. Murphy in its Health Care Heroes Awards publication.
Twice a year, Dr. Michael Murphy travels to the Dominican Republic. Murphy doesn't travel alone. He brings a team of medical residents, fellows and nurses with him - about half a dozen altogether - to the city of La Romana. "This is why I became a doctor," he said. "I get far more out of it than the patients do."
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3/24/2011 Dr. Michael S. Murphy of the Greater Chesapeake Hand Specialists named co-winner in healthcare heroes program  

Dr. Michael Murphy, orthopedic surgeon and partner of Greater Chesapeake Hand Specialists, P.A. (GCHS), has been chosen as a co-winner in The Daily Record’s annual Health Care Heroes program. Dr. Murphy, who was among eleven finalists selected in the Community Outreach category, shared the award with Michael Gimbel of St. Joseph Medical Center.
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3/22/2011 Gardening and lawn care: Use common sense when operating tools or machinery

With the effects of Baltimore’s long, cold winter winding down, many area residents are noticing the daily greening of their lawns, as well as the tips of tulips and daffodils poking through hardened ground. Anxious to shake off prolonged cases of cabin fever, many local people are starting to plan their planting and lawn care strategy with the goal of working outside at the first hint of warmer temperatures.

According to advice from the physicians of Greater Chesapeake Hand Specialists, make sure finger, hand and arm safety plays a major part of this planning. In wintry weather conditions – be it driving or walking – the presence of icy roads and walkways are typically more hazardous than ones covered with freshly fallen or existing snow.

But, according to Peter Innis, MD, of Greater Chesapeake Hand Specialists, (GCHS), a hand surgery/orthopedic group based in Lutherville, falling on ice and suffering an injury does not have to be a foregone conclusion if you follow certain tips.
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2/10/2011 Greater Chesapeake Hand Specialists announce relocation of its Carroll County Office

Dr. Neal Zimmerman and Dr. Christopher Forthman of Greater Chesapeake Hand Specialists, P.A. (GCHS), a hand surgery/orthopedic group based in Lutherville, have announced the relocation of their Carroll County office to the new David Greene Building. Located at 844 Washington Road, Suite 102, in Westminster near Interstate 97, the new office is co-located within the office of Dr. Mark Blue and Carroll Orthopaedic Specialists.
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1/21/2011 Ice got you down? Chesapeake Hand Specialists have the tips to help maintain your winter safety.

When it comes to safely navigating through wintry weather conditions – be it driving or walking – the  presence of icy roads and walkways are typically more hazardous than ones covered with freshly fallen or existing snow. We have created a list of some tips to help you avoid injury and stay safe in the winter months.
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1/24/2011 Dr. James P. Higgins of GCHS named Chief of The Curtis National Hand Center at Union Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Higgins, a member of GCHS since 2002, becomes the fourth chief of the program founded by Dr. Raymond M. Curtis more than 60 years ago. Dr. Higgins will continue to be a member of GCHS.
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12/19/2010 Greater Chesapeake Handed Specialists team with Ridgely Middle School to deliver hundreds of gloves and scarves to Villa Maria Center.

Our team provided an outreached hand of support to the Villa Maria Center at St. Vincent's this week, a Baltimore County-based school that provides intensive educational and clinical services for children and youth with emotional, learning and multiple disabilities. The gesture was in form of hundreds of pairs of gloves and scarves.
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What You Need to Know about Children & Musical Instrument Training
Parents are encouraged to introduce children to musical instruments. However, early training, practice time, and performance habits may predispose young performers to musculoskeletal problems. Learn basic guidelines for your children to follow in Dr. Wittstadt's full article in the Fall/Winter 2010 issue of
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Making Beautiful Music Together
For budding musicians and performing artists, practice makes perfect. However, practice can also lead to painful hand problems. The evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of the hand takes unique skill and training. The performing arts program at The Curtis National Hand Center brings together specialists who understand the unique demands of performing artists. Dr. Raymond Wittstadt is a fellowship-trained hand surgeon who provides skillful hand treatments for skilled musicians.
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8/24/2010 Keith A. Segalman, MD, an arm and hand surgeon with Greater Chesapeake Hand Specialists (CGHS), has been recognized by Chesapeake Family magazine in its listing of “Favorite Healthcare Providers” in the Central Maryland region.

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7/4/2010 Keeping your 4th of July safe for the whole family
The 4th of July means fireworks. But if you aren't careful, it can also lead to serious injuries. Here are 5 tips for fireworks safety
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2/22/2010 Lutherville SurgiCenter earns accreditation from Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care
Lutherville SurgiCenter earns accreditation, recognizing that it has met or exceeded national standards for the provision of health care. This designation differentiates our facility from others in the local marketplace and positively positions our facility, professionals, and practice techniques.
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2/11/2010 Protect Your Hands and Arms from Winter Weather Injuries
Dr. Christopher Forthman
explains how to protect yourself from hand and arm injuries when dealing with snow and ice, as well as common types of injuries, prevention, techniques, and treatment options. Don't let Jack Frost catch you!
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1/27/10 Chesapeake Hand Surgeon to Speak at Conference Focused on Medical Problems Faced by Musicians
Dr. Raymond Wittstadt
will discuss prevention and treatment of upper extremity tendonitis in the performing artist. Preventative techniques can help prevent ligament and muscle damage over time.
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Holiday Hand Safety
Dr. Keith Segalman
provides suggestions for keeping your hands safe during holiday activities. Dr. Segalman offers practical tips for preventing overuse injuries, lacerations, and burns during all of your favorite holiday traditions.
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11/20/2009 Dr. Murphy Leads Medical Team to Dominican Republic to Help Needy
Dr. Michael Murphy
and his team of medical professionals forego Thanksgiving turkey and football games to travel 1200 miles away to the Dominican Republic to treat approximately 150 needy residents, free of charge. The mission was initiated more than 15 years ago, and Dr. Murphy assumed leadership of the contingent in 2002 and recruits different nurses from his group, as well as fellows working in the area to accompany him each year.
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